South Carolina motorcycle accident attorney Rob Usry lets you in on this little-known legal fact: South Carolina law allows riders to ride motorcycles without a helmet. The law recognizes riders' freedom- and the fact the problem with crashes isn't lack of helmets, it's the irresponsible drivers who cause them. Still, motorcycle accident victims face hurdles to recover and protect their rights.

Hey folks, here's a question we get from our motorcycle accident clients sometimes: if I got hurt while I was riding without a helmet can I still get an accident settlement? Absolutely. In fact, I've helped people just like you. In South Carolina riders enjoy the right to ride without a helmet, so the problem isn't riders without helmets it's drivers who drive carelessly and cause crashes.

But you're right to worry. The at-fault drivers insurance company may act like it's not going to pay you a settlement or use other tactics to convince you you did something wrong all to force you into a cheap settlement. You’ve got a lot to lose and you may be overlooking coverage you really need.

So don't let yourself get pushed around by an insurance company and don't fall victim to your own inexperience. Hire an experienced legal professional to combat their tactics and protect your rights so you'll be taken seriously. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.


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