Getting a DUI can be your worst nightmare. A night of fun—even completely innocent fun—gets utterly shipwrecked by the unexpected glare of blue lights, followed by an arrest you still can’t understand. It’s easy to make bad mistakes when you’re under a dark cloud of an unjustified arrest and the fear of legal consequences.

A quick word of advice: Don’t beat yourself up. You may very well be right. But feeling sorry for yourself-  or just plain wronged-  won’t win your case. You’re going to need professional help to have any hope of fixing it. And due to the penalties involved, it's a battle worth fighting.

Don’t Climb Aboard a Boat That Will Sink

Another word of advice: DON’T do what’s in the list below. It can wreck your case. But even if you have, remember skilled DUI defense attorneys clean up messes for a living. Give yourself a chance by finding one to fix it. And make a careful choice- you can even get a close friend or family member to meet with potential attorneys, especially if you might need assistance paying the fee.

That said, here are six deadly DUI defense sins I’ve seen over the years. The faster you get a lawyer on your side, the less likely it is any of it happens.

#1 Thinking there’s no hope of winning, especially if you blew

Your DUI case may have defenses you don’t even know about. That’s because the law is so technical and actually works to protect your rights. Of course, you can’t use the law to your advantage unless you know what to look for, which is where an experienced DUI attorney comes in. And whether you “blew” or not, in DUI cases, the state’s got to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Refusing the test doesn't automatically convict you- far from it. The breath test result isn’t the last word, unless you let it be.

#2 Thinking you’re stuck with a high breath test result

Higher breath results do mean stiffer penalties. You can’t ever forget you might have defenses an experienced DUI attorney can find. And even if there’s no defense, a skilled DUI lawyer can help an officer or prosecutor understand why the charge should be reduced. That could be worth its weight in gold in the long run by saving you a lot of money and looking better on your criminal record.

#3 Waiting too long to get help

Deadlines expire to contest the suspension of your driver’s license, which causes a heap of trouble. And going to criminal court without a DUI defense attorney is like doing surgery on yourself. Your case is not going away. Like a wound, it needs treatment. Delay can only cause it to fester because then you risk not giving lawyer enough time to prepare defense.

#4 Not fighting the arrest license suspension

Bottom line: it’s worth it. That license suspension can wreak havoc on your life, and may be totally unnecessary. But you’ve got to do it the right way. You need to know the law to defend yourself. That’s why you need someone who knows how to use the law to your advantage, because it’s his job.

#5 Thinking DUAC is not a criminal charge, so it’s better than a DUI

Ordinarily, there’s no difference between a DUAC and DUI.

#6 Looking for a “cheap” lawyer

You’re not buying a cheeseburger here. Don’t cut yourself short. Your future’s worth more than that. You need a trained professional, skilled and experienced in defending these cases that involve a very complex area of the law. There are highly technical defenses that can be hidden in videos, requiring them to be watched with a trained eye.

You’re scared enough you got charged. Shouldn’t your priority be hiring a lawyer who inspires your confidence and makes you feel protected? Your peace of mind is priceless.

Wondering What It’s Like To Work With A DUI Defense Attorney?

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