Child custody battles are very difficult. You want the best resolution for your child, but many times, what you think is the best is not the same as what the other parent thinks is the right solution. Anytime you face a Spartanburg child custody dispute, the emotional circumstances and your history with the other parent make this an even more trying situation.

In South Carolina, the court will always look at what is best for your child’s physical, mental, and moral welfare. There are a few factors that can help determine this:

  • Stability. The stability of the parent caring for a child is crucial. If there is joint custody of your children, both parents must be stable mentally, physically, and morally.
  • Child’s Preference. In some cases, the judge may speak with your children to find out who they prefer to live with and why. This can have a major impact on your case, but it can also be very difficult for your child, so it is not always used to decide who gets custody.
  • Harmful Parental Misconduct. Any parent who has harmed the children in any way may lose custody rights. This includes physical, emotional, or moral harm.
  • Separation of Siblings. It is very rare that the court will allow children to be separated. However, in some cases this may be the right solution.
  • Change of Circumstances. If one parent loses a job, or gets a new job that limits the ability to care for the child, this may influence the custody decision.

There is a lot that goes into fighting a child custody dispute in Spartanburg. To protect your family, it is a good idea to put a Spartanburg child custody attorney on your side. At Holland & Usry, we understand how much you have on the line. With our help you can put an advocate on your side to fight for your children’s rights so that they get the best custody solution possible to give them a happy and healthy life.

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