Poor road conditions—like potholes, bumps, rutted or broken pavement, and unsafe roadside drop-offs—can cause tragic, even fatal car accidents in many ways.

Here are just a few examples of how dangerous road conditions can forever change the lives of innocent motorists:

  • Improperly graded roads allow water to pool, creating dangerous hydroplaning.
  • Overly steep drop-offs on the roadside can cause lethal rollovers where the "luckiest" result can be paralysis.
  • Highway ruts where the pavement is scraped or worn off can cause a driver to lose control even at a safe speed and barrel off the side of the road into a tree.
  • Inadequate warning signs—or no warning signs at all—can fail to alert the driver about road hazards. This applies just as much to temporary hazards like construction as it does to permanent dangers like bumps in the road. Think of the looming disaster posed if you are driving at highway speed when you hit an unmarked bump, or if you drive straight into a construction zone without any warning at all.
  • Traffic lights where the timing is off are surprisingly dangerous. These may not give enough time for motorists to get through an intersection safely.
  • Insufficient pedestrian signs or lights—or none at all—don’t give pedestrians enough time to cross an intersection safely, or fail to warn approaching motorists to look out for them.
  • Insufficient guardrails or median barriers fail to prevent deadly crossover crashes. Instead, a car skids across the median and can’t stop before slamming headfirst into oncoming traffic.

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Poor road conditions and improper signs are a deadly peril that can leave innocent motorists and passengers grievously hurt…or worse. If you think the condition of a road contributed to your car accident, an experienced injury lawyer who knows how to research the accident history of the road and gather the necessary experts to prove your case is exactly what you need.

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