We can’t speak for how other firms work, but here’s the process once we accept your case. We limit our cases to the ones we can give the most value to our clients.

Not every injury case needs a lawyer; many cases can actually be settled without a lawyer, especially if medical care is minimal—like one ER visit and maybe a couple follow-ups with a few physical therapy sessions. For those cases, you don’t need the expense of a lawyer, and we can give you free pointers to help you on the way. So even if you don’t think you need an attorney for your accident, it never hurts to call us for free information—and, you never know:  you just might need a lawyer.

If you wonder if your accident injury case needs a lawyer or just have some questions you need answered, don't suffer in silence. Get answers for FREE from an experieicned South Carolina personal injury attorney.  Call toll free at  888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

Our Six-Point Process for Handling Your South Carolina Accident Injury Case, Step by Step

Here’s our basic six-step process for most personal injury or workers’ compensation cases:

1. Investigate the facts

We gain a thorough understanding of how the accident occurred by talking to you. Then we gather other evidence, like:

  • police reports in car, motorcycle, and trucking accidents
  • pictures of the accident scene if it’s easily accessed and helpful. (In workers’ comp cases, it’s usually not).
  • where critical evidence is in the hands of the at-fault party, we send them a letter instructing them not to destroy it- because if we don't, they will. This includes store surveillance tapes for slip or trip can fall case, or specilaized evidence in semi-truck accidents, like the tractor-trailer's black box and trucker driving logs.

We also track down witnesses and get their statements. For workers comp, we often get a copy of the official comp commission file, which can contain valuable information.

2. Obtain and analyze medical evidence

We contact all your providers to get your medical records and bills—but we usually don’t get bills in workers’ compensation cases because those are already paid by the insurance company. This is a process in itself, often requiring multiple follow-ups. Then we study the records for a clinical understanding of your injuries.

We may even meet with your doctors to get questionnaires answered that could convince an insurance company settlement is wise.

3. Develop the impact of injuries on you

One of the biggest parts of your case is your pain, suffering, and limitations. We work closely with you to understand what you’re going through, so we can present your condition thoroughly and compellingly to maximize your settlement. For severe injuries, this may require more than one meeting over time.

4. Evaluate and discuss settlement

After we’ve got all the evidence, we give you a settlement evaluation in realistic terms. Together, we set a goal and go for it!

5. Send a demand letter to the insurance company

For severe injuries, this may be several letters as we get your bills and records in—we often send them to the insurance company adjuster with our analysis of your injuries and maybe the current impact of them on you. It helps move your case faster than dumping thousands of pages on an adjuster, then waiting for him to evaluate it all at once.

Regardless how we deploy it, the demand letter summarizes why it’s a good idea to for insurance to pay instead of fight.

6. Negotiations and the next step

We keep you as up-to-date as you want as we negotiate your case with the insurance company. Hopefully, our discussions end with the satisfaction of a settlement. If not, we file suit or request a workers’ compensation hearing to begin the litigation process. By then, we’ve got your case soundly developed so all we need to do is tell a judge, jury, or a commissioner what we already know, which is what you’ve lived through.

Sound Like A Lot Of Work?

It is! But it’s our work as Spartanburg accident inury attorneys, so we’re happy to do it for folks like you. If you’ve been hurt, feel free to call toll free at  888-230-1841, fill out a Get Help Now form, or start a live chat to so we can strategize with you for free. You can also schedule a FREE, EASY strategy session to discuss your case in person, with no need to fear strong-armed sales tactics.


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