Because the law can work against you, and the insurance company definitely will. But that's nowhere near the end of the story if you're a seriously injured victim of a South Carolina slip or trip and fall. Contrary to what the insurance company adjuster may say, you DO have rights, and you can get a settlement, if you prove your case properly.

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Now to the challenges we can help you overcome.

What the Law Says

First, there’s the law. You’ve got to prove it’s someone else’s fault you fell. It’s just not as simple as showing you fell on something that wasn’t supposed to be there. The law requires you to prove carelessness- the legal term is negligence- by the business or property owner caused your fall.

But the law’s on your side in two important ways: you don’t always have to prove anyone had “notice” of the danger. And don't let anyone rub it in your face that the danger was "open and obvious"- you can still have a case sometimes if the danger was obvious.

Often, you’ve got to prove the fall wasn’t your fault, or it wasn’t more your fault. This is the “comparative negligence” defense, which can reduce or even prevent a settlement. It usually grows out of the primary defense you might hear while you’re still laid out on the floor: Why didn’t you look where you were going?  

For an example of how we helped oversome what seemd like a "winner" for the insurance company, check out our client's story about falling in a clear puddle in a gas station parking lot.  We can't guarantee any results, past results in similar cases certainly don't give a guarantee, and every case based on  its own unique facts and law, but we submit this case story to you as a reason not to give up if you think you've got a tough case.

What the Insurance Company Will Do

And then comes the insurance company, whose claims representative will do all she can to convince you the deck’s just too stacked against you.

Don’t believe it. There’s hope. If you’re seriously hurt, your case justifies the intervention of a skilled South Carolina accident injury lawyer for this and other important reasons.

You need a guide to shine a light through the darkness and pilot you safely to shore. For the right case, justice can be achieved, but you’ll need help. Don’t miss your one and only chance at getting your medical bills paid and obtaining a settlement for all of your harm. 

How We Can Help

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