Let me first assure you that you’re not being rude. This is an answer you need to know.

And here’s the short answer: at our Spartanburg, South Carolina accident injury law firm, our attorneys strive to get your check to you ASAP, but ethical regulations and finalizing the settlement takes a little time.

NOTE: the process for getting a settlement check is a little different in workers' comp settlements.

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How Our Accident Lawyers Handle Your Settlement

Now for the details. Here’s basically how it works with us:

  • We reach a settlement agreement with the insurance company, whether it's represented by the adjuster, or opposing counsel.
  • If a case involves an injured child or death, a judge has to approve the settlement. We get a hearing scheduled ASAP. For more, here's how the court process works for fatal accident (called "wrongful death" under South Carolina law) settlement proceedings and children's accident injury settlement proceedings.
  • We get the settlement documents to end the case. We review them closely to protect your rights. If the documents don’t fully protect your rights or don’t reflect the agreement, we make changes. For children's settlements and wrongful death settlements, we'll also have pleadings to review, which get filed with the court as part of the approval process. Children's settlements often involve structured settlements, which require highly complicated legal and financial documents to create and safeguard special accounts to protect your child's settlement money and release it over time.
  • The check usually comes with the documents. We deposit that in our trust account, a special bank account safeguarding your money until we can pay you. Ethical regulations require us to wait a few days to be sure it clears before paying you, in most cases.
  • Once the documents are finalized, you sign. Before you sign, we explain them to you, since they’re often written in incredibly complex “legalese”—which can be just plain ridiculous. We return them to the other side for you. 
  • You usually get your check around the same time you sign the settlement documents. If it's a child's or wrongful death settlement, the settlement can't be final until a judge approves it by court order. 

You get copies of all the documents, and we prove where all the money goes. Because this is an important moment in your life with serious financial consequences, we want to make sure you have all the information related to the settlement.

We give you a packet with all the important settlement documents in it. On top is a sheet showing who gets paid from the settlement—and how much—so you can account for every penny of it, including our fees and costs paid from the check.The packet includes proof we repaid anyone you’re required to repay from the settlement, like your health insurance company that may have covered your medical bills.

But Wait! Before You Worry About the Settlement Check Arriving, Don't You Need to Know How To Get It in the First Place?

Of course you do! And for the benefit of our South Carolina accident clients, our Spartanburg personal injury lawyer has developed a process to streamline geting you a good settlement for:

It Doesn’t Take That Long, But It’s Mighty Important

While it sounds like a lot, the settlement process doesn’t take that long. Once we agree to settle, you will typically get your check within a month—sometimes less. Cases requiring court approval can take longer due to scheduling conflicts, but we always aim to achieve our driving goal: getting you compensated as soon as possible.

If you’ve got any questions about a potential settlement or anything else about your case, reach out right now, in the best way for you. You can contact us with a live chat, fill out a Get Help Now formor call toll free at  888-230-1841We know it’s important to you, and we’re here to help.

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