A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be a tragic consequence of a horrific big rig accident. It throws victims and families into what can be a terrifying life-or-death struggle, followed by hard, confusing medical decisions about the future, then waiting to see what long-term TBI symptoms result. And over it all, the legal whirlwind looms.

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How Accidents Cause Brain Injuries and How They Get Diagnosed

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Potential Long-Term Treatment for Brain Injuries

Now for the “Legal Stuff,” Which Is Second Only to Medical Care

Even as you struggle with your injury—or your family member’s injury—the clock begins ticking on your legal rights. The sooner you act to preserve them, the better. Believe it or not, delay risks evidence disappearing. And sadly, trucking companies and their insurance companies plant their heels in the ground to battle seriously hurt victims- often with breathtaking swiftness and ruthlessness. Their goal is to take advantage of your inexperience, ignorance, desperation, or fatigue to get away with a cheap settlement.

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