If you’re the victim of a DUI accident, you’re right to be plenty mad, even if you’re not hurt. If you are hurt in the crash, there are many good reasons to hire a lawyer.

Let me put a chief worry to rest: yes, auto insurance will cover it. That’s true even if the drunk driver had no insurance—you can use your own policy.

But you can still expect the drunk driver's insurance company to do all it can to give you a lowball settlement. Find out your rights, and get your questions answered in a free, no pressure strategy session with a Spartanburg, SC car and motorcycle accident attorney. Call toll free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form.

While most property damage claims can be handled without a lawyer, you should consider that yours is different. Drunk driving victims should consider an experienced car accident attorney because your case involves punitive damages, which are hard to prove. But it can be a huge issue in your case, as South Carolina law provides no limit for punitive damages in these cases.

To get full value from your case, you’ll need to know:

  1. How to get criminal case evidence from the police
  2. What to look for in the evidence to support punitive damages, because you've got to account for a lot 
  3. How to present the evidence to the insurance company to convince the adjuster punitive damages are a real risk
  4. How to get a criminal background check of the at-fault driver to determine if he’d committed prior DUIs and how to use prior DUI evidence to enhance your case

An experienced DUI car accident attorney can do that for you. We used this process to help a good man whose insurance company would not help him.

If you’ve got questions about being the victim of a drunk driver, call toll-free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now form. We’ll answer your questions or schedule you for a FREE, EASY strategy session to get you on the road to a solid settlement.


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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a criminal defense attorney.