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I got hurt badly by a hit and run driver in Duncan. What if the police never find him, or what if they do but he has no insurance? How will I ever pay all these medical bills?

There’s hope for you. You can still get help from your own policy. To do that, there's legal requirements you need to know.

Every driver in South Carolina must carry uninsured motorist coverage, also called UM, which pays if the at-fault driver cannot be caught, or has no liability insurance to cover your injuries.

There are two important things you should know about UM:

  • The amount you can access is limited to the amount of your liability coverage. This is yet another reason you should get as high a liability limit as possible. The other important reason is you can only get as much underinsurance coverage (UIM) as your liability limits; see why we feel it’s the most important coverage you can buy.
  • The shocking truth about UM: Victims are often stunned to discover when you make a UM claim, your own insurance company fights against you.

Also, UM can sometimes be stacked, similar to UIM. You may be able to collect more than the coverage on one vehicle if your household owns several vehicles. 

Badly hurt victims need professional legal help for reasons you might not even know. The law of UM coverage and stacking can be very complex. If you’re hurt bad enough to need it, you should have an experienced car accident lawyer review your policy to make sure you don’t overlook any coverage—and to see if he can help enhance your claim to keep you from being shortchanged by your own insurance company.

If you have any questions about UM for a serious car wreck in Duncan or anywhere in South Carolina, check out our other articles on this site and feel free to request our free report on South Carolina car crash cases. You can call us at 864.582.0416 or toll-free at 888.230.1841 for a free meeting, or start a live chat or email from right where you’re sitting. If you’re hurt too bad to come to us, we’ll come to you.


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