You’ve gotten hurt in a South Carolina accident, and now you wonder if you need to hire an attorney. It’s an important question, so pat yourself on the back for even asking.

At the moment, as you struggle to recover from your injuries and juggle doctor and therapy appointments, the “attorney question” may not seem urgent. It’s not like you’ve got an acute problem, but it needs to be dealt with. A serious, unaddressed legal problem is like a serious, untreated wound—it can fester into a massive, crippling problem that can haunt you for life.

Wondering if you’re hurt seriously enough to consider a lawyer? Here’s an article that can help with that, including tips on how to deal with the insurance company if your injuries aren’t severe enough to need an attorney.

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That said, I’ll cut to the chase.

Top Reasons It's Worth It to Hire a South Carolina Injury Attorney

  1. You’re an inexperienced victim facing a massive insurance company that makes money by shortchanging you. Sure State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Progressive make funny commercials about helping people. But it’s only people who pay them premiums so they can add to their billions to buy more Super Bowl ads! Notice none of those charming ads contain a single injured victim the insurance company’s eager to do right by. Their claim representative is a professional whose job performance is judged by how often he cheats people like you out of the money they need.
  2. You don’t know how much of a settlement to ask for—and it might be way more than you think. Valuing a case is hard work because it’s based on many factors. For a slip or trip and fall case, you’ve got to take a hard look at whether you can convincingly prove fault. Medical malpractice cases require experts, which have to be figured into the cost of bringing a case. And you need an experienced, professional eye to gauge if your case truly has the potential for punitive damages.
  3. You don’t know how to negotiate with the insurance company. Simply put, it can be a long, strange trip. You’ll deal with the frustration of just getting an adjuster on the phone, potentially for a ridiculously low offer with no legitimate justification. That’s because dragging it out and driving victims crazy pays off for insurance companies, in the form of victims who settle cheap “just to get it over with.” When I’m hired, I tell folks I’ve bought that problem. I handle it, so you don’t have to.
  4. You can’t make the insurance company take you seriously. Here’s the insurance industry secret about what an experienced accident injury attorney does: create risk for the insurance company. Insurance companies hate risk because it exposes them to losing lots of money. A skilled personal injury lawyer creates risk in two ways. First, he creates risk with a settlement presentation featuring evidence that can be proven at trial. Second, he poses the risk of filing a lawsuit that means the company will have to spend even more money. Do you really know what to prove or how to prove it under the rules of evidence? Ordinary people aren’t much of a threat to the insurance company. That’s why they need an attorney.
  5. You don’t know how to use medical evidence to prove your injuries, especially the permanent ones. To threaten the insurance company with the risk of paying additional money, you’ve got to prove you can use medical evidence to get a bigger verdict. That includes preserving your right to money for medical care in the future.
  6. For injured children, you don’t know how much to ask for in a settlement, and you don't know to handle the legal options for protecting them. A child's case presents additional complications. First, there's potentially more to lose, as you've got to properly prove your child's enhanced suffering compared to an adult, and establish the longer-term implications of permanent injuries, plus protect the right to any future medical care. Second, children’s settlements are carefully protected by the courts. In fact, most children’s settlements require a hearing where you’ve got to present evidence to convince the judge to even allow the settlement. That alone should encourage you to seek an attorney to earn a settlement a judge will approve. While courts severely restrict the options for handling a child’s settlement money, an experienced injury lawyer can often give you some surprisingly beneficial choices to manage your child’s settlement money

See How We've Helped in Other South Carolina Accident Injury Cases

We've helped clients overcome what seemed to be unwinnable cases, or just get a fair settlement for their injuries. Before you read about them, remember all cases are different, different facts and laws apply to each case, and a prior result doesn't guarantee a future one.

Serious Legal Problems Need Serious Help

Hiring an attorney seems like yet another hassle. I get it. But investing that time to protect yourself can prevent short-term frustration and long-term, even lifelong, regrets. Don’t play into the insurance company’s hands. Give yourself a shot at being taken seriously.

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