I just wanted to send a note to tell you how pleased I was with the way you and your firm handled our case.  This was the first time I have needed a lawyer other than having a will made.  I was impressed with everything about the firm.  All the staff, Jessi, Fran and yourself went out of your way to help us.

I was involved in an automobile accident in December of 2012 while leaving work.  I was rear ended and my car was totaled.  I received neck and back injuries.  The lady that was driving the car that hit me was driving a rental car.  After a trip to the ER I went home.  When we called the insurance company was when we found out this was a rental car.  We contacted them and they wanted me to have my car towed from the towing company to my house at MY expense.  This is when I knew this was going to be bigger than I could handle.

I found out that I had three displaced vertebrae in my neck and was going to have to have surgery to repair them.  I had numbness in the fingers of my left hand and no strength in my left arm.

I turned all of this over to Rob and he told me not to worry about it; he would handle it from here.  And he did.  I had the surgery in April and did well. In July, Rob had taken care of all the bills and insurance and we signed to settle the case.

Rob and the staff did a fantastic job.  We were treated like family.  I told Rob when I went to sign the final paperwork that they could not have made my first experience with a law firm a more pleasant experience.

If I need any legal work in the future I know who I will call on.  I would tell any one of my friends and family, if they ever needed a lawyer to call on Rob or any of the other lawyers at Holland and Usry.

Richard and Mitzi Meador - Union car accident clients