Federal law forbids driving a tractor trailer until the driver inspects certain safety equipment. That means truckers and trucking companies can be held legally accountable for crashes caused by defective equipment that should’ve been found or repaired. In this video, South Carolina trucking attorney Rob Usry tells things truckers must inspect, what happens if the semi-trailer isn't safe to drive.

Federal law forbids driving a tractor-trailer unless a safety inspections been done. There’s one purpose for that strict requirement: to protect innocent drivers. That means truckers and trucking companies can be held legally accountable for defective equipment that causes crashes which should have been found or repaired. Here’s how it works.

Before the truck can be driven a trucker has got to inspect the most important safety equipment. That includes brakes tires lights and coupling devices that attach the tractor to the trailer. If he finds any defects he lists them on a signed report. Before the truck can be driven again the trucking company has to certify the repairs are made. Before the next trucker can drive the truck, he's got to certify the repairs have actually been done.

To do the best job you can in your truck in case you need an experienced lawyer who knows how to find vital information about pre-trip inspections and what to do with it. One thing's for certain in every trucking case, it is not your typical auto accident. If you're involved in a trucking case you owe it to yourself to find an attorney who can do the most thorough evaluation to maximize your financial relief. If you've got questions about your trucking case fill them out on our get help now forum. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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