Getting a DUI in South Carolina is serious. When faced with one, it's wise to get info on how to handle it. Because these cases can be so complex and carry harsh consequences, it's also wise to know what not to do. That's exactly what this brief video from South Carolina DUI attorney Rob Usry covers.


Hey folks we're talking about six deadly sins that can wreck your DUI case. We see these mistakes all the time when people try to go it on their own or hire a DUI lawyer who doesn't have much experience in the field if any at all.

  • Number one, thinking that there's no hope of winning. Your DUI case may have defenses you don't even know about, that's why my book on the subject has that phrase in the title. Of course you've got to know what to look for and that's where an experienced DUI lawyer comes in.
  • Number two, thinking you're stuck with a high breath test result. Hidden defenses can still apply and even if there are no defenses an experienced DUI lawyer may be able to help you get the charge reduced which can save you a lot of money and look a whole lot better on your criminal record.
  • Number three, waiting too long to get help. There’s a deadline to contest your arrest license suspension and any experienced DUI lawyer is going to need time to properly prepare your defense.
  • Number four, not contestant the DUI arrest license suspension. That suspension can wreak havoc on your life and it can be one.
  • Number five, thinking that a DUAC is better than a DUI. It’s not. It’s a criminal charge just like a DUI and it carries the same penalties as a DUI.
  • Number six, looking for a cheap lawyer. Do you really want to discount your freedom and your reputation?

So if you're interested in avoiding these pitfalls and building your defense contact us right now by filling out our get help now form or just call to schedule a free no pressure strategy session with us. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.