A local injury lawyer explains what it takes to recover compensation if you fell at a store or business and got hurt in South Carolina, including why you shouldn't feel guilty about not looking at the floor before you fell.


Slip and fall, or trip and fall victims often wonder “why should I even hold the business accountable for my injuries?” the reason is simple, because you have a right to be safe while you're there. These are the primary ways we can prove a store responsible for your injuries.

First the store created the danger. Maybe an employee knocked a container off a shelf causing a spill then chose to walk away or maybe put down a defective placemat. Second, the store knew about the danger but didn't fix it. may be an employee took a report about that spill but didn't put down any warning signs or clean it up or he sees another person trip on that defective placemat but doesn't pick it up. Third, the store should have known about the danger. That occurs when a store is just not police in its floors on a regular basis to keep unsuspecting customers like you from harm.

Slip And Fall Cases Can Be Complicated. Consult an Attorney.

The last one, is sort of unique to South Carolina law and that's this. Even if you fall on an obvious hazard or still it doesn't mean you can't recover and that's because South Carolina law has the wisdom to recognize stores expect their customers to be distracted from the floor. Think about it, you're there to look at the shelves not the floor and they won't you spend your money. The least they can do in exchange for getting your money is to keep you safe while you're there. I thank you for thinking about this with me.


Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.