Did you know professional truckers succumb to the same mistakes as typical motorists? Spartanburg, South Carolina trucking accident lawyer Rob Usry discusses top causes of 18-wheeler driver wrecks, which may stun you, consdiering truckers are professional drivers responsible for safely operating a machine that can weigh the same as 40 elephants.


We're talking about a bewildering topic. Common causes of tractor-trailer accidents. It’s bewildering because even though truckers are professional drivers a federal study reveals they're subject to the same faults as any other motorist. So here are some of the common causes of tractor-trailer wrecks. Speed. That can actually be driven by the trucker's employer. Trucking companies often put a lot of pressure on their drivers to make deliveries on time to satisfy the demands of their customers. Sometimes it's your safety that gets sacrificed luckily you might be able to hold the trucking company responsible for that.

Then there's following too closely that's often related to or even worsened by speed. we've all known the fear of one of these giant machines running up behind us and wondering if we're just gonna get run over sometimes that happens. The results can be devastating and sometimes it's related to another fearsome problem: faulty brakes. Believe it or not, sometimes these enormous lead dangerous machines just aren't properly maintained. And then there's driver distraction.

Truckers can be distracted by GPS gadgets or phone calls while they're supposed to be driving. That can result in a 30-ton land ship being piloted by a blind trucker going at Interstate speeds. And finally, there's just simply breaking traffic safety laws, the results of that can be tragic. Think of a semi-trailer running a red light.

The truth is the cause of any one crash can be related to a variety of factors and if we take on your case we're going to investigate the cause closely gathering information from any available source that might help us, including experts so we can paint the clearest picture of how the truck are sacrificed your safety to hurt you. And we won't overlook the role the trucking company may have played in it either. So if you've been hurt by a tractor-trailer accident and you've got questions feel free to start a live chat right where you are so we can answer your questions and help you figure out the best way to go through this case. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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