South Carolina DUI cases are complex matters that can present a number of highly technical legal defenses you'll likely need an experienced attorney to present to give you a solid shot at a dismissal or plea deal you can live with. South Carolina DUI/DUAC defense attorney Rob Usry briefly discusses the most important evidence in most cases, and how it might actually help you.

Hey folks, we're talking about important evidence to expect in your DUI case and how that might help. Put in the right professional hands DUI case evidence might turn a loser into a winner.

Here’s the most important evidence to expect in most cases.

  • Number one: the videos. South Carolina law requires your case to be videoed at the scene of your arrest and in the breath test room. With few exceptions if the police fail to video legally required aspects of your case, your case can be dismissed. And even if it can't be dismissed your video might provide the key defense at your trial which is that you weren't impaired. That can be highlighted by skilled attorney.
  • Number two: the officer’s report that can reveal holes in the case that could lead to an acquittal. it also lists witnesses if there aren't any, sometimes they help you and even if they don't you can prepare to handle them at trial.
  • Number three: breathe blood or urine results. Those contain required legal information that can yield highly technical legal defenses like an improperly given test, a breath test machine malfunction or a lack of chain of custody.

DUI cases are extremely complex and they carry consequences far beyond a fine. If you're wondering how you might ever have a chance to win your case or even have an attempt at getting a deal you can live with, call me for a free strategy session. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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