A South Carolina tractor trailer accident lawyer describes how you can hold a trucking company responsible for a semi-trailer wreck under South Carolina law. 


Did you know that in a tractor-trailer crash you might be able to hold the truck and company responsible, too? There's two ways to do that. First assuming the trucker is legally considered an employee of the trucking company the trucking company is already liable. That's because south carolina law holds employers responsible for most acts of their employee. So since the employee, the trucker, caused the crash his employer, the trucking company, is held accountable. The second way is a little more complicated but it's based on a clear legal principle and that's this. Truck and companies are responsible when they knew or should have known their trucker or their truck created an undue risk of harm to the public. So you might have a case against the truck and company for improperly hiring an unqualified driver or giving him a truck. Or for improperly supervising or training the trucker. Or for even failing to fire the trucker if he shows repeated patterns of driving unsafely. You may even have a case against the truck and company for inadequately maintaining its truck to keep it safe on the road. It's important for you to investigate this case because you can be compensated for this part of your case in addition to the crash itself. At holland & usry we take tractor-trailer crashes very seriously. Sometimes we hire trucking industry experts to help us prove what both the trucker and the trucking company did wrong to be sure all responsible parties answer for what they did. If you're wondering about your case against a trucker or a trucking company call us or just start an email or live chat right where you are to get an experienced lawyer to answer your questions and if you're too hurt too come to us we can come to you. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.


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