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One thing that defines me as I truly love the Spartanburg Community and all the surrounding areas. I didn't grow up here, I grew up in a little town called Wrens which is right outside of Augusta Georgia and then when I was in ninth grade we moved from Georgia up to nearby Rock Hill. But Spartanburg always seemed to be my destiny I went to college at Wofford and shortly thereafter I made the best decision ever. I married my wife Amy, who's from here and we are very thankful that we made the decision to move back here, some would say it was only a matter of time marrying a local girl but truly what we decided is it was the best thing for us to do to raise a family, because we wanted to raise our family here. We belong to the same church where she grew up first Presbyterian in Spartanburg and we are blessed and thankful to raise all four of our children right here in Spartanburg where they'll attend the same schools that Amy did. You heard me right! There are four of them we were blessed in 2007 with a daughter Addy and about 18 months later, in 2009 came Jack and we had such a good time with those two we wanted to have a third but the good Lord blessed us with a bonus! We had twins Sally and Luke were born in December 2013 and they are every bit the indescribable wonder and joy that you could imagine.

I became a lawyer because, I thought I would be good at it and you can see what folks say about me on my website and on Avvo.com or Google+ I think it's turned out pretty well for the most part. I can't guarantee results but I do guarantee my best. What I love most about being a lawyer is the people. I've met a lot of really good people that I never would have encountered otherwise and that's what I've learned about being a lawyer, is that the world is full of good hard-working people and I'm thankful to stand up for them. you know as a husband and a father, I think about standing up for my flock and I think about speaking up for little people who don't seem to have a say in things. I get to do that every day as a lawyer. My people who come to me for help or hurt, afraid, overwhelmed or all three they just don't feel protected and I can give them that level of protection they need. My people are confronted with industry experts whether it's insurance adjusters other attorneys, police, prosecutors and they just don't feel like they can handle it and they're right. I'm proud to be the guy that can level the playing field for them and that's what I'm proudest about being a lawyer for. I can give the powerless power and I can give the voiceless a voice by standing up and telling their side of the story.

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.