To protect innocent drivers who become victims of fearsome big rig crashes, federal law requires commercial trucks to carry a minimum amount of liability insurance.

But that’s just the minimum, and there may be more. If you’re hurt seriously enough—or lost a family member—you need someone who knows how to find out if more exists. In this video, South Carolina trucking accident attorney Rob Usry reveals the minimum level of insurance, and how to find the full extent of additional insurance to cover your medical bills and other losses from a semi-trailer accident.

Hey folks, we're talking about minimum insurance limits for 18-wheeler wrecks. Federal law requires at least 750 thousand dollars in liability insurance for tractor-trailer wrecks in order to compensate injured victims or grieving families, but that's just the minimum and there may be more. If you're hurt seriously enough, or you lost a family member you need an experienced trucking accident attorney who knows how to find the full extent of the insurance coverage available to you.

Other sources of insurance include trailer insurance. The trailer attached to the cab may be separately insured and again federal law requires a minimum of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars and some trucking companies carry excess or umbrella insurance that kicks in if there's not enough liability coverage. But you can bet they won't volunteer this information and you've often got to fight for that through legal channels.

If you're seriously hurt or lost a loved one thing certain you can't do this alone. Truck and insurance companies are notorious for fighting tooth and nail even the most grievous injury and death cases. Take back some control in your case. Empower yourself and protect yourself against a cheap settlement that gets forced on you by an insurance company that takes advantage of your grief or your pain. Call an experienced truck and accident attorney to get your questions answered. you can also fill out our get help now form right at the top of our webpage to get a callback or just get your questions answered by an experienced truck and accident attorney. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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