If you're permanently injured from an accident or a workers' compensation injury, your case is not a slam dunk, even if your doctor's on your side. In this video, a SC injury attorney shows you've got a lot more to prove to get compensated for it in a settlement.

Hey folks, we're talking about proven permanent injury, that's one of the most important things your lawyer does is describe the extent of your permanent injury so you can be properly compensated for it. Here are some of the factors that I highlight to get you properly compensated. We start with your doctor’s impairment rating. That’s a percentage of loss that he assigns once you reach maximum medical improvement. It’s my job to show what that looks like for you and here's some things we use to point that out. First, we show the impact on basic acts of daily living, like bathing, eating, sleeping, yard work, housework, and childcare. We also show the impact on your mobility, like your ability to sit, stand, walk, and reach overhead. we also show the impact it has on your job. It’s always a huge factor when you've got an injury that limits your ability to work at all or even just makes the job you already have a lot harder. Another thing we highlight is how it impacts your ability to do the things you love. Being unable to do your hobbies or pursue your pastimes shows everyone you've got a serious problem.

So protect yourself because there's a lot at stake proven permanent injury often involves gathering a ton of evidence from your doctors and you. You’ve entrusted your physical well-being to doctors, you should entrust your rights and your legal well-being to experienced lawyers. if you've got questions about your case fill out our get help now form and you'll get your questions answered by an experienced injury lawyer. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.