Rob Usry reveals why you should talk to an experienced DUI/DUAC lawyer to explore how your case can be won—and why you need to try to win it.

The most common question we hear from those who have been accused of a DUI or DUAC is "Is there any hope?" Often, the answer is "Yes." There are many defense tactics that an experienced attorney can deploy to introduce doubt into the prosecutions case. Learn about some of these methods and how they may apply to your case in this video.


Folks charged with DUI and DUAC have lots of questions, but they all boil down to one thing. Is there any hope? Often, yes. The truth about DUI and DUAC is you might have defenses that you might not even know about. DUI is often a crime of opinion, the officers. While we respect law officers and their jobs to keep us safe, we know sometimes you can have all the facts and reach the wrong conclusion. At Holland & Usry we know how to find your defenses and how to present them to help you win your case, by working to negotiate to reduce charges, get your case dismissed, or get you acquitted at trial.  And the stakes are so high for you, you owe it to yourself to fight it. You’re facing stiff fines, and jail time, especially repeat offenders. You could have your license suspended with, or without, a conviction. And you’ll be facing ignition interlock. Imagine telling everyone who catches a ride with you, you can’t start your car until you take a breathalyzer test. A DUI or DUAC conviction can also impact your job prospects.

We want to give you all the information you need to make the right choice about your case. We’ve got lots of information on our website, so check it out. I’ve even written a report that you can download for free, right from our website, or you can call our office for a free copy. And it won’t cost you a thing to come sit down with us, to talk to you about what we might be able to do to help. So get in touch with us as soon as you can, because legal deadlines are looming that could cause you to lose your case before you ever fight it. Give us a call, arrange a free meeting and you might just leave with more hope than you had when you walked in. Thanks for thinking about this with me. 

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