It's truly an honor for me when anyone wants me to consider defending their DUI case. I know it can be a crime of an officer's opinion, and you might even have defenses you don't know about that I can find.

But I'm not too proud- I know just because it's an honor for me doesn't mean it's an honor for you. Because DUIs often happen to law-abiding people, I regularly encounter folks who come to me reluctantly, often humiliated and more than a little nervous to sit down with a lawyer.

No need for that. I'm here to help, not judge. There's great strength in making the smart choice to defend yourself. And I  assure you our meeting will be a cakewalk compared to your arrest. (I know I'm setting the bar pretty low here, but hey, it's true). So I made this little video to show you what to expect.

Don't be too afraid or ashamed to sit with me for a free strategy session about your case. Worst-case scenario, you get free advice, there's no sobriety tests, and you can leave whenever you want.


So here's a question that everyone who comes to see me for a DUI has, "what's our first meeting going to be like?" the first thing you need to know is, there's no obligation to hire me. I'm not gonna give you the hard sell, I'm just going to try to make your life easier and better.

So here's basically how it goes. You're going to walk into our office where our receptionist is going to greet you with a warm smile and a free drink. You're going to give her your arrest paperwork and she's going to give you some documents to complete. While you fill those out I'm gonna review your arrest paperwork so I can figure out exactly what it is you need help with and what you're facing. Once you're done with our paperwork, I will actually read what you wrote because who you are is important to me. Then we sit down and have our meeting.

The first thing I'm gonna do is answer your questions because your case is about you. Then we'll get into the details of your case a little bit, I'm especially going to be interested whether your license got suspended at arrest because if you're eligible to get a temporary license, you've got to move fast to do it. After that we'll strategize the best way to defend you and your case. Then, we'll have an honest discussion about the fees it will cost from my firm to defend and protect you, in your case. Once it's all done, one of three things will happen. You're gonna hire me and if you need a temporary license to get you back on the road and you're eligible for it, I'm gonna move as fast as possible to get you one. Or maybe one of us is going to need more information to think a little bit more about it or get some more information or some more time to make a decision. That's no problem and I'm happy to keep giving you free advice until we make our decision.

Or we'll part as friends and I'll just be glad that I could sit with you and give you some free advice in you're time of need. It doesn't take long, all you've got to lose is a little bit of time and you might gain is an experienced lawyer to guide you and protect you in a time where it might feel the whole world is against you. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon. 

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.