We get lots of questions about what to do in an accident injury case. But sometimes you just need to know the don'ts, and this short video describes two enormous ones that wrecked a real case. Whether you've been seriously hurt in a car, motorcycle, or trucking accident, suffered injuries from a fall, or got hurt at work, do yourself a favor and DON'T do what South Carolina personal injury attorney Rob Usry describes here.  

Hey folks, we're talking about two great ways to wreck your accident case. This is based on a real case that our firm didn't handle and there's an appeal opinion on it. A car crash victim claimed serious permanent injuries but all the jury gave him was the exact amount of his medical bills. So here's the two things that went wrong with his case.

Listen To Your Doctor After an Accident

First he didn't do what the doctor said and he didn't discuss his treatment honestly with his doctor. The victim claimed that treatment didn't work, so he stopped going. But there was no evidence he ever discussed that with the doctor. So the defense could make it look like he just went that hurt in the first place and the jury could conclude they were right. That’s exactly what happened, word to the wise always be honest and thorough with your doctor because if you're not it could sink your case.

Tell The Truth During The Entirety Of Your Case

Second he told untruths about stuff that never mattered. A key defense strategy in every case is to try to get untrue testimony about stuff that doesn't make a difference in your case. In this case the defense attacked the victim’s memory. He claimed a semi photographic memory but he couldn't remember a prior lawsuit he filed about a different crash. Even worse, he never revealed that crash in a discovery response so the judge instructed the jury they could conclude that evidence would hurt the victim’s case and it's fair to say from the jury's verdict that's exactly what happened. So word to the wise tell the truth even if it hurts. The defense is gonna find out if you're not telling the truth and if they do they're gonna crush you with it.

So now you know two things that can wreck your accident case. The problem is there's a whole lot more that can as well. If you're worried about wreck and yours fill out a get help now form and you'll get answers from an experienced to accident attorney. We’re here to answer any of your questions about any you're concerned about in your case. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.


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