DUI suspects who refuse the breathalyzer test often worry they'll be convicted because it looks like they had something to hide.

In this brief video, South Carolina DUI defense attorney Rob Usry reveals refusing the test doesn't automatically convict you, but you still need professional legal help to create a solid defense to enhance your odds of winning.

Hey folks here's a question we get about DUI cases. "If I refuse the breath test will I be automatically convicted?" No, you've got rights. If your case goes to trial the judge should instruct the jury that you have the legal right to refuse the test. You also don't have to prove your innocence. Instead the police have to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Now the jury can give whatever importance they want to to your refusal, that's why you need an experienced DUI trial lawyer who can explain the refusal in your favor. And always remember, South Carolina DUI cases have defenses you might not even know about. That's why it's in your best interest to find a professional to see if they exist in your case. It could result in a dismissal or a deal you can live with. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


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