One of the greatest menaces to highway safety is distracted driving. Mandatory South Carolina trucker driver license training takes it seriously, by defining it in strict terms. Learn more on the definition- and why distracted driving is an even bigger threat when truckers do it- in this brief video from S.C. trucking wreck attorney Rob Usry.


We're talking about what truckers know about distracted driving the answer is a lot. In South Carolina that knowledge comes from the commercial driver's license manual. Truckers have to pass a test on that before they can drive. You might be surprised to learn what the manual describes as a distraction. It tells truckers distraction is anything that takes their attention from the road. And you might be surprised to learn some of the things the manual considers distractions that includes eating drinking adjusting the controls talking looking at the GPS system and then there's the biggest distraction of all a cellphone. Federal law forbids using any cell phone that isn't hands-free but the manual advises against using that. Maybe the reason is when you try to dial one of those things you lose for seconds or so of concentration from the road. At 55 miles an hour that means a tractor-trailer goes the length of a football field with a blind driver.

If you're the victim of a distracted trucker you've got rights check out our website to see how these crashes are different and more complicated than your typical car crash. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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