You'd think truck drivers and trucking companies wouldn't let a semi on the road without checking the brakes, but it happens. South Carolina trucking accident attorney describes what he looks for in cases where commercial truck brakes fail.

Hey folks, we're talking about how a tractor-trailer could have brakes bad enough to cause a crash. It’s hard to believe that a trucker or trucking company would endanger lives by putting a truck on the road with bad brakes. But it's a real problem and it's often made worse by speeding or tailgating. When an 18 wheelers brakes fail we look first at two primary factors.

 First inadequate inspections. Federal law requires truckers to inspect their brakes before every trip but that doesn't mean it gets done right. Careless or non-existent inspections can overlook bad brakes. Second, poor maintenance. Finding the problem is only half the battle. Turning it over to an incompetent unqualified or poorly trained mechanic won't solve the problem. Federal law sets minimum standards for brake mechanics but sometimes that's just not enough.

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If you've been involved in a serious tractor-trailer crash you can rest assured the trucker won't volunteer the cause of the crash just like his insurance company won't volunteer to pay your medical bills. Get a professional on your side who wants to help you. If you've got questions about your case fill out our get helping now form right on our website to get your questions answered by an experienced trucking accident attorney. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see soon.

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