Contrary to what we see on our highways and interstates, truckers know almost from day one that if they feel the need for speed, they're in the wrong industry. In this brief video, a South Carolina tractor trailer accident lawyer explains why truck drivers really do know better than to break the law by speeding.

Hey folks we're talking about what the trucker's training manual tells truckers about speedin’. To get a truck driving license in South Carolina you've got to pass a test based on the state commercial driver's license manual. We don't think this training as unique to South Carolina though because the manual says is based on federal regulations.

And here's what the manual tells truckers about speeding. It’s not worth it. When you speed you pass, when you pass you increase the risk of a crash. Passing repeatedly also makes you tired. When you get tired you increase the risk of a crash.

The manual tells truckers point-blank the safest speed to drive is at the speed of other traffic unless that traffic is moving at a speed that's unsafe or illegal. So truckers whose speed ignore their training the law and your safety.

If you get hurt by speeding trucker and have questions about your case or have any questions about your trucking case fill out our get help now form and you'll get answers from an experienced truckin’ accident attorney. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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