We got a really good motorcycle accident settlement for a young man who desperately needed financial relief. He needed it fast. We delivered. The best part about the settlement was that we also negotiated huge medical bills down to an amount that gave him more money than he expected.

The Motorcycle Accident and Its Aftermath

Our client Spencer was just 22 at the time of his motorcycle accident. He’s a solid young man who’s a credit to his family: a hard worker who’s worked the same job as a painter since he graduated from high school. But all his goodness and hard work seemed to evaporate in an instant when he got in the motorcycle crash. It caused severe injuries that left him essentially bedridden for months.

This was a highly unusual accident because it was a motorcycle-on-motorcycle accident. On February 28, 2021, around 3:42 PM, Spencer rode his Honda dirt bike with some friends on South Carolina Highway 11 near Inman. Spencer approached the intersection of Cooley Circle to turn left. As he started his left turn at the slow, safe speed of around 10 MPH, the at-fault rider came flying out of nowhere on his much larger Indian motorcycle to smash directly into Spencer’s left side at 45 MPH.

Spencer never saw him. Witnesses—his friends he was riding with—tell him he got knocked 30 to 40 feet away. Spencer didn’t know this because the massive impact knocked him out.

The officer concluded Spencer executed a proper left turn while the at-fault rider unlawfully attempted to pass him.

The impact from the crash shattered Spencer’s left leg. X-rays revealed a splintered fibula and a broken ankle. Within a week, an orthopedic surgeon operated to fix it. The surgery involved installing plates and screws in his ankle as well as a six-hole plate in his fibula. His medical bills exceeded $55,000.

The Impact on Spencer and What We Did To Help

Spencer’s surgeon told him he’d be out of work for months. Luckily, Spencer’s blessed with an extremely supportive family, including his Grandma Betty, who could care for him at their home.

Worse, Spencer had no health insurance. He was scared to death he’d be buried under a mountain of medical debt he could never escape.

Spencer reached out to a friend for a recommendation for a Spartanburg motorcycle accident lawyer. His friend sent him to us. When we came to him, he feared medical creditors would threaten his future as he lay helpless, unable to work, and on the brink of total financial collapse.

We moved fast to get Spencer relief. We expedited getting his medical records and bills so we could create a demand package immediately. In the meantime, we searched for every possible insurance policy we could find that might provide coverage.

Spencer got lucky. The at-fault rider had a pretty good liability policy: it offered $100,000 coverage. And Spencer had a policy of his own that could help cover him: underinsurance of $25,000.

After three months of focused, sometimes feverish work, we got a motorcycle accident settlement for the full limits of both policies: $125,000.

But that’s maybe not the most important work we did. We also negotiated with the hospital and other providers to reduce their bills to an amount that allowed Spencer to pay off the medical bills at a sizeable discount. That left him with plenty of money from the settlement to provide a solid financial future.

Spencer was thrilled with the result, and so were we. The best part for us was that we quickly snuffed out his fears. Sometimes the primary value of our work isn’t the money that goes to our clients, it’s the value we add to their lives by handling all the things they just can’t because they don’t know how, and getting their personal injury case finalized without delay.


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