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After the haze of shock and agony from a South Carolina traffic accident clears, wise injury victims begin considering a major question that can have long-term implications: do I need a lawyer for my car accident case? Since you’re reading this, congratulations! Despite all the added inconvenience in your life, you’ve realized you need to figure this out, so I’m giving you the best reasons to consider an attorney for your situation.

But first, you might not know whether you’re hurt bad enough to justify a lawyer’s involvement. You can read articles on our website to help you decide whether your injuries merit contacting an attorney, plus discover more on insurance claim handlers and combating their dirty tricks.

Know the exception to the rule: if you're in an accident caused by a drunk driver, contact an attorney. You've got a complex case, likely involving punitive damages. If you don't know how to handle it, insult can be added to your injuries when you get exploited by the drunk driver's insurance company.You might also have a case against a bar or restaurant for over-serving the drunk driver. It's a worthwhile case, but it's extremely complicated. 

NOTE: If your case involves an 18-wheeler, big rig, semi-trailer, or commercial truck like a FedEx or UPS delivery van, you’re dealing with what will likely be a complicated, hard-fought case where you should definitely consult with an experienced lawyer.

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Top Reasons to Hire a South Carolina Car or Motorcycle Accident Attorney

  1. You’re an injured amateur going up against a titan of industry—a gigantic insurance company loaded with professionals intent on making money by cheating you. No doubt you’ve noticed the glut of commercials State Farm, Allstate, GEICO,  and Progressive smother the airwaves with. Those get paid for from the billions they collect in premiums—and ruthlessly withhold from victims like you. The insurance industry makes money by making sure its product is not used as intended. As they see it, your case is in the way of their profits. Don’t let their clever commercials full of good vibrations fool you. They’ll run over you. Just ask yourself this: How many of those insurance company ads tell the story of how the insurance company helped a single injured victim? Many victims who even mention possibly hiring an attorney get an arsenal of arguments against it from the adjuster- which should make you wonder why they fight so hard to keep you away from an attorney.  We've heard many of these tactics and can help you combat them.
  2. The insurance company won’t take you seriously. Here’s what the insurance industry doesn’t want you to know about skilled accident injury attorneys: they create risk for the insurance company. Insurance companies fear risk because it exposes them to losing money. An experienced accident attorney generates risk from two sources. One, there’s the risk from a settlement presentation with evidence that will be admissible if the case goes to trial. Two, there’s the risk of litigation—a lawsuit that means the company will have to spend even more money, maybe even defend itself at trial. Do you really know what you’ve got to prove to win your case? Do you really know how to prove it under the rules of evidence? Right or wrong, the injured victim alone poses little threat to the insurance company. That’s why you need professional help.
  3. You don’t know how much insurance is available to pay for your injuries. Auto and motorcycle insurance coverage is complicated, and you might be eligible for a settlement using more than one coverage, meaning you might have access to money you don’t even know about. This is a prime mistake made by car accident victims, and it can lead to a shockingly inadequate result. Many times, at-fault drivers don’t have enough insurance to cover your medical bills. But if you’re a wise consumer or you’ve got a great insurance agent, you may have EXTRA coverage on YOUR OWN policy. You can’t risk overlooking that. An experienced, motivated attorney will seek any possible coverage to help cover your injuries, to prevent you from shortchanging yourself.
  4.  You don’t know how what your case is worth, which risks you cheating yourself and your family out of the compensation you should get. Honest, experienced attorneys will tell you figuring out how much of a settlement to ask for is a real challenge—and we’re professionals! The reason is, every case is unique, and settlement value is based on a wide range of components. Your case also needs a keen evaluation of whether you can prove punitive damages. This is especially true if you get hit by a drunk driver.
  5. You don’t know how to engage in settlement talks with the insurance company. The settlement process can be drawn out and plain bewildering for the inexperienced. Don’t risk them wearing you down with long delays followed by unjustifiably low offers.
  6. You don’t know how to use evidence from your doctor or how to protect your right to compensation for future medical treatment. You might not know this, but your doctor is one of the most important witnesses in your case. To get a settlement including money for medical care in the future, you’ve got to prove it the right way or you lose it.
  7. For child victims, you don’t know how to value their case, and you don't know court procedures or legal requirements for handling their settlements. A child's injury case requires extra legal care. Figuring out how much to ask for in a child's accident settlement is different than an adult's case, because injuries impact children more severely. In addition to heightened intensity of suffering, long-term implications of injuries last longer. Courts vigorously safeguard children’s settlements. Did you know most children’s settlements require a hearing where you’ve got to present evidence to convince the judge to even allow the settlement? That alone justifies an attorney to help get a settlement a judge will approve. While South Carolina law strictly limits the options for protecting a child’s settlement money, an experienced accident lawyer can often give you some sound avenues to manage your child’s settlement money.

Real-Life Examples How a Skilled South Carolina Car or Motorcyle Accident Attorney Makes all The Difference

We're not bluffing here, and we've got real cases with real clients to prove it. Before you read them, remember all cases are unique, the facts and law apply differently in each case to create a different outcome, plus a past case result doesn't guarantee the same result in yours.

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Let Them Know You’re for Real

While hiring an attorney may seem like “one more thing” on a long list, it’s really a relatively small time and no money investment that can give you a priceless benefit: peace of mind. At my office, we work to make it a friendly, welcome environment to get your questions answered and pointed in the right direction. we offer a FREE, EASY  strategy session to to help you with your South Carolina car or motorcycle acccident case, where we won't pressure you to hire us..

Don’t make a mistake for the insurance company to capitalize on at your expense. Give yourself the best shot at your one and only chance for proper compensation from your injuries.

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