Many things ordered by the Court, or agreed to by the parties, and approved by the Court, are subject to later modifications.

Usually, these matters have to do with child custody, child support, and visitation. Although in some cases alimony may be increased/decreased, or terminated. It should be noted that if alimony was waived, or the Court ruled against it without expressly reserving the matter to be heard at a later date, then the Court does not have jurisdiction to revisit alimony.

While each of the matters that can be modified is handled differently, they almost all require a change in circumstances. In the event that the change in circumstances has to do with the child you must further show that the child/children’s best interests are met by the requested change. In matters that the change sought does not impact the child/children, it must be shown that in addition to change of circumstances equity and fairness calls for the change requested.

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