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What You Must Know About the Law and Child Support in Spartanburg

Generally, both parents equally share a duty to support their children although certain circumstances (usually monetary need and ability to pay) may require one parent to financially support the child/children more so than the other.

Support is governed by child support guidelines from the Department of Social Services. These guidelines set the presumptive (i.e. usual, as deviations are rarely granted) amount of child support. The guidelines provide child support calculations based on combined parental income of up to $360,000.00 a year. In the event the combined income exceeds $360,000.00, child support is to be decided on a case by case basis.

Support includes reasonable health care services to be shared by the parents that are either covered or non-covered by insurance. Generally, both parents share these costs on a pro-rata basis based on the parent’s annual income, but the parent with primary custody pays the first $250, not covered by insurance.

Determining the amount of child support can be a challenging matter. There are many factors that the Courts consider as it relates to potential deviations from presumptive support. Additionally, child support can be difficult in the event one parent is under-reporting their income, in the case where people are self-employed, or paid “under the table.”

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