When you look for an injury lawyer, you find a crowded field. Here's a tip on what you need to find in an injury attorney, and how to select one based on what you're looking for- even if it's not me.


Smart consumers want to know “what do I look for in a personal injury lawyer?” well I'm going to tell you some things, but first let's remember the big picture. Your case is about you this is your only shot at a settlement or verdict that might save you from financial ruin or a lifetime or regret. Your relationship with your lawyer boils down to a single enormous word: trust. You need a personal injury lawyer you can trust personally and professionally. So let's talk about some things you can look for to help you evaluate that.

First, professional trust one thing you look forward to see if your lawyer is going to meet your employment qualifications is: is he experienced in your type of case? This can include results, even though results don't mean you're going to get the same outcome in your case, because every case is different; it might inspire some confidence in the lawyer’s capabilities. Next, what is the lawyer’s level of knowledge about your type of case? Does he offer free reports or books? Check out his website see what type of free information he offers that can educate you about your case. Next, one of the most important indicators of personal and professional trust is former client reviews. You can check out the lawyer’s website or is google plus page and you might even look at independent websites like Avvo.com, where people go to rate lawyers and describe their experience with the lawyer. That way you can have an idea what your experience might be like.

So let's talk about personal trust. You’ve got to trust your lawyer personally. One of the most important things about your relationship is, your personalities have to mesh, so sit down with the lawyer. Meet with him, make sure that you can communicate with each other clearly and easily. Another measure of personal trust is how the staff treats you. That’s going to be the group of people that you deal with throughout your case. They’re there to serve you and your time of need and if they're impatient with you or I'm grateful when you come in to hire them, it's not going to get any better as your case goes along.

When you sit down with your lawyer gauge whether he truly cares about you as a person. Don’t hire a lawyer that you don't sense sincere warmth and concern about you from. One way to look for that is, is he giving of his time. if a lawyer is impatient with you or looking at his watch in your initial interview he's not going to be any more giving up as time as your case goes on when you might need it more.

Final free pointer on personal trust: if a lawyer guarantees you an outcome: run. There are no guarantees in the law or in life. At Holland & Usry, the only thing we guarantee our clients is, we’ll work as hard as we can to get you the best result we can and will always be honest and sincere with you. So I hope that helps you look for things to help you find the best personal injury lawyer for you and as always we hope we can make your list to see if we're a good fit. Even if we're not, we'll be happy to give you free information and send you on your way hopefully a little better off than when you came. So if you've been hurt and you're wondering where to turn for help turn to us. I thank you for thinking about this with me.

Rob Usry
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Rob is a Spartanburg personal injury lawyer. Rob also practices as a workers' compensation attorney.