Not many South Carolina charges offer a second chance, but you might get one for certain criminal domestic violence charges. In this brief video, criminal defense attorney Rob Usry describes a program that can make the charge go away, and how to give yourself the best shot at getting in.

We're talking about the solicitor's intervention program or SIP for domestic violence charges and this may be all you need to know. it gets the charge dismissed and wiped off your criminal record. but here's what sip typically consists of. there are some aspects of it you need to expect to be mandatory that includes anger management, which is a twenty six week course you've got to complete. community service is often required. you'll also have an essay on law and accountability, you'll need to attend to get smart program presented by prisoners who tell how their crimes affected their lives and the lives of others. they'll also be monthly check-ins with a case agent.

Certain aspects of the program are required only if the program deems it necessary for you that includes alcohol or drug counseling random drug screens and a mental health evaluation. there's costs associated with the program but they are quite small compared to the ultimate benefit. the real challenge is getting in. You may have a determined officer, a hard-nosed prosecutor, and an angry victim dead set against you. you need a professional who can build a defense that'll help convince these folks to let go.

If you've got questions about your domestic violence charge and your chances to get in the SIP program call us at 888-230-1841for a free strategy session. I thank you for thinking about this with me and I hope I see you soon.

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