We’ve all known the stunned fear of riding down the highway when a monster tractor-trailer seems to materialize from nowhere, bearing down on us from behind or flying past in the next lane. It’s hard to believe anyone could miss an immense semi-truck near them, but the trucking industry knows this is common. And the 2015 South Carolina Commercial Driver License Manual tells truckers they should take steps to prevent it from happening.

The manual plainly instructs truckers that other drivers might not even notice the semi even when it’s in plain sight. Letting other drivers know an 18-wheeler’s presence helps prevent tragic, deadly wrecks.

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There are two situations where truckers should alert you they are around:

  • When passing. Truckers should assume you don’t see the tractor-trailer as they attempt to blow by. If legal, they should lightly tap the horn or, at night, flash their lights. This prevents disaster from striking if you don’t see them and move directly into the monster truck’s path.
  • Low visibility. If the big-rig driver has trouble seeing other vehicles, he should know they have trouble seeing him. The manual instructs him to turn on the headlights at dawn, dusk, in rain, or snow.

Truck Accidents Do Not Need To Wreck Your Well Being

Truckers have to work harder to keep other drivers safe because their enormous machines, moving at tremendous speed, can kill. To whom much is given, much is expected. If you’ve been hurt in a semi-trailer crash and wonder if the trucker or his company could have done more to protect you, share your story with us through a live chat to see how we might help you obtain full compensation for all your injuries.


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