In South Carolina, pedestrians have the same rights to a car accident settlement as an innocent driver in a typical car, truck, or motorcycle accident.

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Here's answers to the three most urgent questions pedestrians ask, or should ask, after they get hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle in South Carolina:

Does Auto Insurance Cover South Carolina Car Accidents When a Pedestrian Gets Hit?

Yes, as long as you can prove the accident was the driver’s fault—or at least mostly their fault. South Carolina law allows pedestrians to get car accident settlements even if a wreck is partially their fault. Even if the police find you at fault for the accident, the officer might be mistaken, as I convinced insurance companies to in a case where a child hit riding her bike got blamed for the accident by police.

If you get hit by a driver with no insurance, you can get a settlement from your OWN insurance policy, as we helped a nice lady do when she got  run over by her sister's abusive boyfriend.

To prove fault, you need to know South Carolina traffic laws, especially how they apply to pedestrians. That's where an experienced Spartanburg car accident lawyer can help. It'll take some hard, dirty legal work to convince the skeptical insurance company adjuster to pay a settlement. These skilled professionals are highly trained to do one thing: deny your claim if at all possible, and if not, delay and distract you into taking a lowball settlement.

A critical reason to get a skilled South Carolina car accident lawyer: Since pedestrians often suffer grave injuries in car accidents, you need peace of mind you can get as much insurance coverage as possible to pay your settlement. Here's how a South Carolina car accident attorney can help:

  • Discover the maximum insurance limit on the at-fault driver's policy. Insurance adjusters won't tell you this willingly, but and experienced South Carolina car accident attorney knows how to make a proper legal request that gives them no choice. Also, the police accident report may reveal evidence leading to additional liability insurance.
  • Get more money from your auto policy. Believe it or not, you might qualify for a settlement from your own auto policy if you have the right coverage. It's called underinsurance (UIM). But let me prepare you in advance for a stark reality this stuns virtually all car accident victims who try to use it: your insurance company turns against you, defending the at-fault driver like it's their policy, not yours. How hard can they turn on you? Real hard, as an unfortunate soul discovered in an actual case.

If you're worried you could make a critical mistake to get your claim denied or lose out on coverage you should get- or all this just seems overwhelming to you, get help now.  Call toll-free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now Form to get your questions answered in a FREE, NO PRESSURE strategy session with a Spartanburg, South Carolina, car accident attorney.

How Do You Pay Medical Bills for a South Carolina Pedestrian Car Accident Injuries?

Use health insurance if you've got it. You'll need to reimburse health insurance for the bills it pays in a legal process called subrogation.  We are often able to reduce our clients’ repayment to health insurance through negotiations with the subrogation adjuster.

FREE POINTER: Using health insurance works way better than agreeing with providers to repay them from your settlement, called a lien. Some providers may try to insist on a lien, even if you have health insurance. Tell them politely and professionally, “Thank you for giving me this option, but that's what health insurance is for.  You agreed to take it before I got hurt. Please file these bills on my health insurance.”

Severe Pedestrian Injuries Make a High Stakes Case

Statistics show pedestrians hit by cars often suffer horrible injuries, like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Torn knee ligaments, like ACLs
  • For children, because they get struck lower on the body, they can often face horrific internal abdominal injuries and agonizing fractured ribs, in addition to the other injuries listed above.

As a result, medical bills can pile up while you suffer long-term lost income. Permanent disability can damage your ability to earn a living like before and keep you from living the life you want. Some cases require a settlement to cover future medical care.

This makes for a high-stakes case one that you can't afford to lose. Don't expose yourself to:

I'm a professional at handling these cases, but getting a settlement requires intense effort and focus even for me. That's why I developed a process to streamline settlements for South Carolina pedestrians who get hit by cars.

Don't Cheat Yourself and Your Family. Get Legal Advice About Your South Carolina Pedestrian Car Accident Case.

If you get hit by a car in South Carolina as a pedestrian, you've suffered enough injury. Don't add insult to it by getting cheated out of a settlement you and your family may desperately need.

Get professional advice and peace of mind. Call toll-free at 888-230-1841 or fill out a Get Help Now Form to get your questions answered in a FREE, NO PRESSURE strategy session with a Spartanburg, South Carolina, car accident attorney.

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