When a bicycle rider gets hit by a car in South Carolina, the consequences are often severe. It may leave you wondering how you'll get medical bills paid, or if auto insurance will cover them.

I've helped victims just like you, so here's an article to address three factors you need to know in these cases.

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Here's what you should know right off the bat about your bicycle versus car accident case:

Does Auto Insurance Cover South Carolina Car Versus Bicycle Accidents?

Yes, as long as you can prove the accident was the car driver’s fault—or at least mostly their fault. South Carolina law allows victims to get car accident settlements even if a wreck is partially their fault. If the investigating officer finds you at fault for a car accident, that doesn't prevent a settlement. The officer could be wrong, as I convinced insurance companies to settle a case where a little girl hit riding her bike got faulted for the accident by the officer.

And if you get hit by a car with no insurance, you can get a settlement from your own insurance policy, as we did for a client whose sister's abusive boyfriend dragged her under a car he tried to steal.

To prove fault, you need some knowledge of South Carolina traffic laws, especially how they work in a bicycle accident case. That's where an experienced Spartanburg car accident lawyer can help you build a case against the at-fault driver. You'll need a strong case to convince the insurance company adjuster to pay a settlement. These skilled professionals are highly trained to do one thing: cheat you out of the money you should get in a settlement.

A critical reason to get a car accident lawyer: Since bicycle accident injuries are often severe, you need to get as much insurance coverage as possible. Here's how a South Carolina car accident attorney can help:

  • Find out the maximum insurance limit on the at-fault driver's policy. Insurance adjusters don't show their cards, but an experienced South Carolina car accident attorney knows how to force their hand to reveal how much insurance the at-fault driver has. The crash report may yield critical evidence leading to additional liability insurance.
  • Getting more money from your own auto policy. Bicyclists are shocked to learn they can get a car accident settlement from their own auto policy if they have the right coverage. It's called underinsurance (UIM). But the real shocker comes when you try to use it. Your own insurance company turns against you, defending the at-fault driver like it's their own policy, not yours.

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How Do You Pay Medical Bills After a South Carolina Bicycle Versus Car Accident?

If you've got any health insurance, use it to pay for your bicycle car accident injuries. You'll repay health insurance in a process called subrogation, but these bills can often be reduced by negotiating with the subrogation adjuster.

FREE POINTER: Using health insurance is a much better deal than giving providers an agreement to repay them from your settlement, called a lien. Some providers may try to insist on a lien, even if you have health insurance. That's when you're equally insistent. Tell them that's what health insurance is for, and they agreed to take it before you got hurt.

Severe Injuries After Getting Hit on a Bike Make for a High Stakes Case

Statistics show bicyclists hit by cars often face grave injuries, such as:

These injuries can create mountains of medical bills and craters of lost income. Permanent disability can limit your ability to live life how you want and earn income like before the crash. You might need a settlement to cover future medical care.

This makes your high-stakes case one that you can't afford to lose. Don't risk:

You Owe It to Yourself and Your Family to Get Legal Advice

If you're the victim of a South Carolina bike crash caused by a car accident, don't risk not knowing. You could cheat yourself out of the money you need or even ruin your case.

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