Good news is in short supply when you’re the victim of a car or motorcycle accident. It can be worse when you’re a pedestrian or bicyclist—your injuries are often worse, and you’re worried about your rights. Relax, you’ve got the same rights as anyone.

Passengers are equally protected for compensation. The same holds true for folks who borrow a vehicle.

The Even Better News

You might be able to use your own policy to help pay for your injuries—if you’ve got the right coverage. It’s called underinsured motorist coverage, or UIM. It’s so important I’ve written an article on how it works.

The fact your car isn’t in the wreck doesn’t matter. You can even use UIM if you weren't in a car at all- like this case where we got UIM to help a child hurt badly on a bicycle. All that’s required is: your crash injuries are extensive enough to use up the at-fault driver’s policy, requiring more money for a proper settlement. To get that additional money, you turn to your policy.

This May Be the Best News for Certain Car or Motorcycle Accident Victims

There may be another source of recovery if you’re:

  • Driving a car or motorcycle you borrowed with permission, or
  • A passenger.

In that situation, you also have access to any UIM on the vehicle you rode, be it a car, truck or motorcycle. And if you are related to and live with the vehicle’s policyholder, you might qualify for even more coverage through stacking.

We're you injured as a passanger in a car accident? Don't assume you will be left with a large medical bill and no chance at recovery. Call our Spartanburg office at (864) 582-0416 or fill out our form here to get advice from a lawyer.

Simple, But Not Easy

While it seems like a gift, it’s not. Even though it’s your own policy, you’re still dealing with an insurance company. When you turn to them, they turn on you, contesting your right to what they owe. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to help you find all coverage and prove your right to be paid by an insurance company that makes money by not paying you.

UIM and an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney Can Make All the Difference

As an example how complicated and vital UIM can be to severely injured passengers, read how we helped a young boy get extra money in a single-car wreck.

When you take on a case alone, you're not much of a threat to the insurance company, they are a threat to you. To see what we can do—or just answer your questions for free—fill out our Get Help Now form or schedule a free, no-pressure strategy session to discuss your case by calling 888-230-1841.


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